From aerospace to defense, power generation to general industry, Curtiss-Wright relied on Mentus to raise their historical brand to new heights.

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manufacturing, impact branding and design, california

Corporate Website

Today, Curtiss-Wright is an integrated; market-facing global diversified industrial company and remains a technology leader through this legacy of innovation.

flow control

Curtiss-Wright delivers unique valves, pumps, controls, and process systems for naval defense, commercial nuclear power generation and refining in established and emerging markets.


Curtiss-Wright leads the design, development and manufacture of advanced commercial, industrial, and mission critical sensors and control systems.

surface technologies

Curtiss-Wright’s surface treatment technologies offer industry-leading expertise in enhancing performance, extending life and preventing premature failure of critical components.

manufacturing, impact branding and design, california


The Brief

Mentus was tasked with designing the new Curtiss-Wright corporate site to emphasize investor relations content more prominently and present the corporation’s value proposition as to why someone should invest in Curtiss-Wright.

Project Results

A corporate website that reflects the rich company history, innovation, technology and strong investment proposition through an easy to navigate and comprehensive architecture reinforced by strong imagery and branding elements.

The Solution

Through an extensive reorganization of markets, industries and products we created an effective way to navigate through the company’s diversity of markets, technologies, history and investor information.