Kelley Baker Brows

Brow Transformation

A perfectly shaped brow is the desire of women around the world. Kelley Baker Brows has answered the call and created a unique and special experience for their customers.

| Corporate Website, Desktop

| Corporate Website, Desktop

"There is a first time for everything and this certainly applied when learning we were going to design a website for a client in the eyebrow shaping business. A refreshing change to many of the brands and sites we have embraced over the years. The challenge was less about introducing the Kelley Baker Brand but more about creating an overarching visual language that brought consistency and structure to her list of products and services. Kelley Baker’s strong social media presence and celebrity clientele made it easy to translate all of her success into a modern and unique website."

Janice Arroyo

Design Director


| Website, Tablet and Mobile

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